Forsage. Legit or not legit? That is the question.

Is Forsage legit?

And it almost goes without saying that anyone promoting Forsage will tell you it’s legit in hopes of getting you to join.

But considering the number of cryptocurrency programs that have been deemed illegal pyramid schemes, anyone with half a brain and a modicum of common sense may scoff when they hear that Forsage is actually different than all of those other programs. And yes, I’m referring to those programs that were shut down just before collectively scamming people out of millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency.

But in spite of that, those in the know are surprisingly insistent that Forsage absolutely will be that program to turn the tide in a space that’s proven to be highly polluted with shady characters, disingenuous hype, and grossly exaggerated earnings claims. 

Although if you can bite your tongue and try not to laugh, stay with me here.

Because I really expected to quickly file this thing away into the scam folder and leave it to die with all of those other illegal dime-a-dozen cryptocurrency duds. So as I went in presuming to see something that was destined to be the next dead-end, I received quite a shock upon discovering what the creators of Forsage have put together.